Top Articles

These are the top five articles that have been the most viewed, most discussed, and generally have been the most popular.

Lost in transmission: the highs & lows of modern broadcasting
Viewed thousands of times, spread throughout the NZ radio community, and republished on Australasia’s leading radio site, this is the most viewed article on the site. A raw and honest reflection of my four year career in radio.

Why it’s OK to be really basic
One of my favourite articles on this site. The psychology behind being a ‘basic bitch’ and why it not only doesn’t matter, but is probably a good thing.

Plate by plate: the world’s only KFC all-you-can-eat buffet
Republished on the popular travel website Global Hobo, this article has widely been received as the funniest here. A detailed description of the absurd amount of KFC I managed to eat in Japan.

Why I gave a thief my business card
One of the craziest things that has ever happened to me, how I reacted to catching a thief breaking into a car on my street.

How I quit my job to travel
The first of my travel pieces, how I prepared for leaving my life behind to travel. If you want to travel, start here.