21 Things I’ve experienced in Cambodia (without any context)

  1. Met a guy who was created by one of the world’s first IVF pioneers
  2. Saw a tree that was used to bash babies heads on 40 years ago
  3. Got laughed at because I look too much like Jemaine Clement
  4. Watched street vendors raid our bus to sell us shit
  5. Bought a beer for $1.25 NZD
  6. Attempted sleep at a hostel that played trance music until 1:30am
  7. Lost two games of chess to Robert (dam you Robert)
  8. Infiltrated a Chinese tour group to learn their secrets
  9. Met a guy who introduced himself as “a guy who fucked a girl while watching Hendrix play live so I think I’m pretty fuckin’ cool”
  10. Watched an ATM lose power seconds before it was going to dispense the $$ so the account was still charged
  11. Stayed out on a floating pontoon all day drinking and hanging out
  12. After much turmoil, eventually dived off the high point of that pontoon
  13. Had a deep & meaningful with a couple that actively took the piss out of each other so they stayed relatable to other travellers and didn’t isolate themselves
  14. Saw drunken mud wrestling hosted by a beach bar
  15. Ate squid cooked in front of me at the Kep fish market
  16. Finally found my friend after she got scammed; two guys on a scooter cut her off so she crashed into them, they ripped her keys out and demanded she pay them (they extorted $30…)
  17. Got a flat tire on a 14 hour bus ride
  18. Had my mind BLOWN by the Cambodian circus
  19. Saw some temples that were around a thousand years old


  20. Sat in a hammock and played guitar for six hours
  21. Didn’t eat that

6 thoughts on “21 Things I’ve experienced in Cambodia (without any context)

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