Why I lost faith in humanity after going to a full moon party

Imagine the wildest, most bitchin’ night ever at your favourite club. Take that party, add another 30,000 people, and let them loose all over a never-ending tropical beach. Sprinkle a few flame dancers, slides, and burning skipping ropes. Subtract the price of alcohol, and double the quantity. Finally, subtract everyone’s tops. Now you have a Full Moon Party.

A lot of horror stories get thrown around, but both FMP’s I’ve been to have been absolutely amazing nights. I only felt bad for the people around me, who discovered just how uncoordinated dancing can get. However, a certain experience cut my faith in humanity right down the middle. It wasn’t during the party, or even the hangover, but catching a boat.

Quick geography lesson, most people fly to Koh Samui then make their way to the smaller island of Koh Phangan by boat for the FMP. After the party, there are thousands of people who need to get back to Koh Samui. This creates a huge demand for ferries after the FMP, but nothing prepared me for just how hard getting on one of them was going to be.

It felt like it was the last boat out of a war-torn dystopia. There were babies crying, people shoving, staff yelling, “I don’t want anyone to die!” There were hundreds of us waiting on the pier for hours in the rain with all our bags; it was far from a comfortable experience. But just how aggressive people got was a stellar contrast to how friendly they were at the FMP a few nights back.

The same people that would happily share a bucket of moonshine with you while dancing the night away won’t think twice about rolling over your toes with their oversize suitcase to secure their place on the boat, while denying yours. Everyone’s attitude towards each other on the boat was best summed up by something I overheard a lady say to her partner: “People are so fucking retarded.”

All my life I’ve tried to see the best in people. I assume they are friendly and polite, unless proven otherwise. I think generally, people really do mean well. If one of those angry passengers had seen someone fall into the water, no doubt they’d have tried to help, alerted the crew etc. But take away their comforts and make it either you or them, that’s when things get interesting.

If you are not sure whether you would become an angry passenger or not, ask yourself this: either your mum, or 100 people you’ve never met have to die. Which would you choose?


2 thoughts on “Why I lost faith in humanity after going to a full moon party

  1. Insightful story and a entertaining read, mainly to learn the logistics of taking a boat on a night out. Personally wouldn’t rate my faith in humanity based on tired, cranky, intoxicated people but each to their own


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