Why it’s OK to be really basic

This is a photo from the best day of my life.

I could do a whole separate post on why, but in short it consisted of some of my best friends and I enjoying:

  • Exotic cat hugging
  • An incredible buffet breakfast
  • Elephant riding
  • Go Karting (which I won – that’s a big deal for me)
  • Sipping cocktails at the swim-up bar in the pool

It was a glorious day. That photo reminds me of what an experience I had. But now it’s also a source of embarrassment.

What Did I Do Wrong?!
A number of people have tried to share a laugh with me at the expense of “those basic dudes who hug tigers overseas and think they are so cool!” It gets pretty awkward when I reluctantly tell them I’m one of them.

I wasn’t thinking about how many people had done this before me. In fact I was happy people had tried it already, because ain’t no way I’m going to test if the tigers are human-friendly or not.

All I wanted was to show people I did something wild and different to what I usually do. To share my joy of an amazing, unique day with my friends back home. But it all turned out to be a little basic.

Why? Because I did something that was supposedly irregular, but totally overdone. It’s not wrong either, the amount of people who have done similar trips to mine you’d think the Phuket Tiger Kingdom was next to your local Countdown.

phuket tiger

I’ll admit I get even more basic than Thailand getaways:

  • I have a blog
  • My glasses, big black boots and semi-professional musician combination (this is what I call a cluster of basicity)
  • My love for hip-hop and how I rap along to ruthless gangster shit although I’m white and had a great upbringing
  • I quote Anchorman on the regular, especially when I’m not even mad, I’m amazed
  • I love bacon
  • I’ve named my guitar and I Instagramed about it (her name is Foxy because she is a foxy mama)

My friend called this the “whitest post ever”

But the people who think this stuff is bad have completely missed the point.

Why Being Basic Shouldn’t Matter
I don’t associate with these basic trends to express how interesting and unique I am. That is simply irrelevant. These make my life more enjoyable, and I love them way beyond trying to look different.

I have a blog because I recently discovered I love writing. I feel productive behind the computer, I get to express my ideas and get feedback from an extremely supportive online community, and love it when people in my life take the time to read stuff and it starts a conversation.

I love hip-hop because it’s an art that expresses the utmost confidence and cleverness, two qualities I aspire to have more of. It also allows macho men to express themselves in a socially acceptable way while retaining their masculinity.

Some things you love will be done by many, some by few. It doesn’t matter. If you really feel something will benefit your life in a worthwhile way, whether it’s a new skill, visiting a new place or wearing something cool, go for it. It might be a basic as saying, but life really is too short.


#love #lovelife #behappy

Who’s the real Basic Bitch?
If anyone gets judgemental about what you truly enjoy, and thinks you are basic just because others enjoy it too, chances are these people are insecure about their own personalities. How we judge others is how we judge ourselves. It’s OK, everybody is insecure (which I write about in more depth here) which is why being basic is a thing in the first place.

I believe it’s the truly basic people that shy away from popular actions because they don’t care about the action, they care about being different. If you really want to be that unbasic, go fuck a goat in Myanmar. I haven’t seen that holiday on Facebook yet.

If you try to be different, you’re just the same as everybody else. Which is fine. You are everybody else. To everyone except yourself, you are just another character in their story. So whether you keep yourself occupied with completely common, or bizarrely extravagant, next-level shit, make sure above all, you do you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Ed Sheeran to learn on the guitar.


3 thoughts on “Why it’s OK to be really basic

  1. Great post. I like what you said about how when you try to be different, you’re like everyone else. I know a lot of people, myself included at times, that scorn popular beliefs and trends almost because they think they have to, or else they’re “conforming.” But in reality, they’re still conforming – it’s just to a different group. Best way is to just do what you want without basing it off of how others react.

    Awesome pics too.


    • Thanks heaps for the comment. I respect your honesty, obviously I’ve given all this some thought and can think of many times I’ve done stuff just to try and be different. I’m slowly accepting I’m chasing a dangling carrot strapped to my head. I’d even joke, saying my next holiday will be to North Korea, can’t call me basic then! Haha cheers 🙂


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