I Miss Places Before I Leave Them

You recognise every smell, every mug in the cupboard, every imperfection on the door. You’re used to this place. You’ve been here forever.

But the chances are high you’ll eventually move on. You look around and take it in, all the familiarities that you’ve come to expect, and realise one day it might be a memory.

Our world & culture is changing rapidly, way quicker than ever before. Therefore so are we. People change jobs, romantic partners & living arrangements quicker than people change display pics on facebook.

50 years ago not only was this extremely less common, but you’d probably get jabbed for even saying “display picture”. Because no one knew what it was, & no one in the 1960’s put up with smarty-pants show-offs like that.

They’re few and far between but I have these moments of sudden realisation when I’m going about my business in an almost robotic state. I get so used to visiting this person, driving this way to work, eating this can of baked beans, that when I have these moments they hit hard.

At an ex’s house, when I realised I probably won’t marry this person and eventually we’ll part ways.
Clubbing in town, knowing in time the people around me will stay the same age, but I’ll become old and therefore creepy by default.

It’s similar to when you come home from travelling, & realised how much you missed the same old street, the same old house, your same old bed. You never thought you would but Passenger, as whiny as his voice may be, spoke the truth when he was all singing about missing stuff you used to have.

Tonight I was leaving work and quickly caught the studio with no lights on. All the buttons lit up reminded me of when I thought it was nothing short of a privilege to even set foot in the big studio, let alone use it. The view out the large studio panes reminds me of Aladdin’s spot overlooking the palace which he shows Jasmine.

Looks like Jasmine woke up on the wrong side of the carpet. (Badum pshht.)

Looks like Jasmine woke up on the wrong side of the carpet. (Badum pshht.)

One day I’ll likely miss it all. Getting paid to talk and express myself, giving away free stuff to people who admire your work, people being mildly intrigued when you tell them what you do for a living.

I say this in confidence as radio is a particularly fickle & tough industry to stay employed in. Things change drastically & instantly, & every day you’re on the air is a good day.

I snapped this photo before I left, so when I remember that time I casually achieved my goal of talking on the radio for a living, I’ll know I put effort into savouring it as it happened.

I know what 40% of those buttons do...

I know what 40% of those buttons do…


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